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1) How much is a MOT?

Here at DD Autos we charge an MOT admin fee of £5.42 which has VAT applied to it and then the MOT itself is £32 with no VAT applied. This brings it to a total of £38.50, the maximum MOT price in the UK being £54.85. Please note this does not include any repairs of advisories or failures.

2) How much is a service?

Services all depend on your vehicle. If your vehicle is a newer, rare or eco model they are more likely to require more expensive parts. Therefore, when you call up to ask for an estimate we always ask for your registration and model of your vehicle so we can find out prices with our parts suppliers and then get back to you with an estimate for your vehicle.

3) How long will my car take?

Dependant on what you bring your vehicle in for, the length of time you will have to wait for your vehicle to be prepared will vary. However, if you were to book in for a service this usually takes 1.5 hours following the arrival of your parts to the garage. Following this we will ask you to come and collect your vehicle, assuming there are no issues with this.

4) Can I get my vehicle recovered into your garage?

Yes you can! But we would appreciate some notice, as we have minimal space and would need to ensure we can still access all other vehicles on site. If you would like your vehicle recovered in to us you can use your own recovery provider, or we can get your vehicle recovered in to us by a partnering company of ours and this will be added to your invoice.

5) How much is your labour rate?

Our labour rate is currently £67.50 per hour, however, we have separate fees for things such as diagnostics.

6) How do I book in with you?

You can either call us on 01795 471440, email us at or message us with your details on our facebook page and we will get back to you.

7) What brand parts do you use for vehicles?

DD Autos uses the best parts for your vehicle but understand sometimes you may wish to save money and may not always be able to afford parts from your vehicles main dealer. That’s why DD Autos looks into prices from main dealers such as ‘Beadles’ and ‘Haynes’ as well as well priced genuine part dealers such as ‘Motor Parts Direct’ and ‘Alliance Automotives’.

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