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DD Auto Services Limited is a family run business that is situated just behind Sittingbourne high street on St Michaels Road. Previously known as West Street Garage, the garage was renamed DD Auto Services LTD when Darren took over as owner of the business on January 3rd 2017. Since Darren took over he has employed his son, Alix as the apprentice mechanic and his sons girlfriend, Vikki as the receptionist. However, now Alix is fully qualified too! Darren also occasionally gets helping hands from his father in law and other son with jobs and even previously had his mother in law running the office too. The other co-director of the company is Darrens wife Georgina, who helps to make important business decisions from behind the scenes. 


Owner / Head Mechanic

Darren has been working in the motor trade for 30 years. He originally started out as an apprentice mechanic at a local Sittingbourne garage around 1990. Darren then progressed his career to work for a well established second hand car sales for 4 years. Following this Darren joined previous owner Ian, at 'west street garage' and worked with him as a mechanic for 16 years. Darren then took over what was previously 'west street garage' and became the owner of the business now titled 'DD Auto Services Limited' in January 2017. Darren is a proud owner of multiple Ford Escorts and is a car fanatic.



Apprentice Mechanic

Alix is an apprentice mechanic studying to be a motor vehicle service and maintenance technician at Canterbury College. Alix started this course in September 2018 and will be fully qualified in July 2021. Currently Alix is working under his dad at the garage but hopes one day to be working alongside him as a head mechanic in the future. Alix is a proud owner of a Ford Escort and Fiesta and is always looking at improving and developing his own vehicles.




Vikki has only been working at DD Auto Services since June this year but has been helping out where possible since she met Alix. Vikki has a long history in working as a receptionist and in administration including a level 3 diploma in business administration. Vikki previously worked in different areas of the public sector such as childcare and assessment but now enjoys working with Darren and Alix to keep the business afloat. Vikki is also head of advertising at DD Autos and runs our website, facebook page and google my business account responding to customers, running promotions and keeping all service users up to date.


Drop by DD Auto Services Limited for a friendly chat.

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